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Thank you for visiting the Wyoming Wildlife calendar photo contest entry page. All photo contest information can be found below. When you are ready to submit photo entries, please fill out the form found to the right or below on some mobile devices. All form fields including a red asterisk are required. There is a 9 MB maximum file size limit; all files above the maximum limit will not upload. Each photographer may submit a maximum of 10 photos across all categories. We look forward to reviewing your submissions and good luck!


Entries must be uploaded to this site before midnight Nov. 23, 2020.


Photos must have been taken in Wyoming. Photos may not have been previously submitted to (or taken on assignment for) Wyoming Wildlife.
Employees of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, Wyoming Game and Fish Commission members and their immediate families are ineligible.
Photos must have been taken by the person submitting the entries and may not infringe on the copyright of others. If it is discovered that entrants have used photographs from others and infringed on the copyrights of others, they will be disqualified from the contest and banned from further Wyoming Wildlife photo contests.
No entries previously published in Wyoming Wildlife magazine or Wyoming Wildlife calendars may be submitted or considered.


Entrants must choose a category for each photo, but judges may recategorize entries.
Wildlife (wild mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, arthropods and insects)
Scenic (in which landmarks, scenery or inanimate objects are prominent)
Recreation (people enjoying the outdoors through hunting, fishing, hiking, backpacking, skiing or other outdoor activities)
Flora (wildflowers, foliage, fruiting bodies or other parts of plants)


Judges reserve the right to decide whether a category merits any or all awards.
Grand prize: $600 check for best overall photo plus $350 voucher for print on metal, acrylic, gallery mount, etc. from Artizen Photo Printing of Cheyenne, Wyoming.
First place: $300 check, plus a 20”x30” print from Artizen Photo Printing for winners in each category.
Second place: $200 check, plus a 16”x24” print from Artizen Photo Printing for winners in each category.
Third place: $100 check, plus a 12”x18” print from Artizen Photo Printing for winners in each category.
Every winner gets five copies of the magazine photo issue.
Honorable mention selections receive two copies of the magazine photo issue.
*All winners of each category are required to cover shipping and handling costs of art prints from Artizen Photo Printing.


All submissions are through this portal: Contest entries can only be submitted online. Do not send electronic copies to the Game and Fish Department.
Ethical photography: At Wyoming Wildlife magazine, we encourage everyone to practice ethical photography. That means keeping your distance and respecting the animal and their habitat.
Watermarks: When submitting your entries, please leave out watermarks. Any photographers with winning selections must provide a high-resolution photograph without a watermark for print within 48 hours of an email request. If a photo without a watermark is not provided within that time, magazine staff may consider the win forfeited.
Articles: Judges may request, at their discretion, a selection of photographers to write short articles to accompany photos selected for publication. Such requests do not guarantee a photo has received any particular prize.
Winners: Winning entries will be announced in the February 2020 issue of Wyoming Wildlife. The entries also will appear in a gallery at and via social media.
Promotions: Wyoming Wildlife and the Wyoming Game and Fish Department reserve the right to use photos submitted during this contest for future promotional and marketing materials related to future photo contests.


For questions and comments contact Patrick Owen, Wyoming Wildlife magazine Creative Director by email at, or by phone at (307) 777-4547.

Printing prizes sponsored by Cheyenne business:
Artizen Photo printing
Contestants are responsible for taxes and any shipping/handling of prints as specified by Artizen Photo Printing.
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