Private Fish Stocking Process

In accordance with the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission, the Fish Division has developed a process to allow waters on privately held lands to be planted with fish from certified disease-free commercial fish hatchery operations. The process involves identifying the species to be planted to insure compliance with management plans for each drainage by locating the water, its source, and waterways impacted by the private water, and authorizing commercial hatchery sources for the planting of trout.

Private Pond Design

Design and Construction Guidelines

Stocking a Private Pond

The steps to follow for getting authorization to plant a private pond:

1. Contact the commercial hatchery. The list of currently authorized Commercial Hatcheries is available online, as well as from the regional and headquarters offices. Determine price, availability, and timing. The application process typically takes 10 business days if there are no delays, so make certain to plan in advance. A list of commercial hatcheries can be obtained by contacting the Fish Division at (307) 777-4559.

Authorized Commercial Hatcheries Information
Grass Carp Stocking Requirements

2. Complete a Private Fish Plant Application (also available from the Cheyenne Headquarters office and Regional G&F offices).

Private Fish Plant Application

3. Mail or fax the application to the Cheyenne Headquarters office. The mailing address and fax number are provided on the bottom of the application.

4. Once an application is received, it is reviewed for completeness. If the water was recently planted with the same species of fish, the application is reviewed, approved, and the authorization is mailed out. If the water has never been planted, a fisheries biologist reviews the application, assigns an identification number to the water, approves the planting, and the authorization is sent to the applicant.
  • If the species is not suitable for the location, the applicant is contacted and provided a list of acceptable species.
  • If the application is incomplete, the Fish Division attempts to contact the applicant for corrections. If unable to contact the applicant via phone, the application is returned, with needed information highlighted.

Top 6 Reasons Fish Stocking Applications are Delayed

1. Application is not submitted at least 10 days before the desired
planting date.

2. Fish species, size, number, or the desired date of planting
is not provided.

3. Previous plant information incorrect.

4. Failure to provide a valid day time phone number, forcing correction requests to go through standard mail.

5. Failure to contact the commercial hatchery prior to application.

6. In previously planted waters, a change of species from year to year requires biologist approval each time.

Landowner Fishing Lakes or Ponds

Regulations Governing Landowner Fishing Lakes or Ponds
Landowner Lake Application Form
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