You are required by law to carry the necessary safety equipment aboard your watercraft.  Safety equipment requirements vary by the class of your boat, which is determined by the boat's length. This reference will help identify the safety equipment you will need on board.  For more information, refer to the Watercraft Regulations.

Class A - Less than 16 feet
Class B - 16 to <26 feet
Class C - 26 to <40 feet
Class D - 40 feet and up

Flotation Devices
  • All boats are required to carry a properly-sized U.S. Coast Guard approved wearable life jacket for each person on board.
  • Class B, C and D boats are also required to carry a minimum of one (1) U.S. Coast Guard approved throwable flotation device (ring buoy or float cushion).
  • Life jackets must be worn at all times when riding a personal watercraft or when being towed by or riding in the wake of a watercraft. Kids 12 years of age and under are required to wear a life jacket while the watercraft is underway.

Fire Extinguishers
  • All boats with inboard engines, compartments where fuel tanks or combustible material may be stored; double bottoms not sealed to hull; closed living spaces; or permanently installed fuel tanks must have the proper fire extinguisher(s).
  • From sunset to sunrise all motorized watercraft and sailboats must display red and green combined lantern in the front of the boat and a white light aft visible 360 degrees when underway.
  • All watercraft at anchor or adrift between sunset and sunrise must display a white light to show all around the horizon and visible for two miles.
  • Hand-powered watercraft must have lighting ready at hand to avoid collision.
  • From sunset to sunrise no other lights which may be mistaken for navigation lights shall be used.
  • Different classes require different lighting.  Refer to the watercraft regulations for more information.
Sound Producing Devices
  • All motorized watercraft shall have an efficient sound producing device on board.
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