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New Zealand mudsnails and the parasite that causes whirling disease are well known for their ability to spread in mud on fishing gear, especially waders.

Anglers, you can STOP THE SPREAD by following these three easy steps after fishing:

1. CLEAN all mud, plants and debris from your gear. Scrub waders and boots to remove any mud that might be trapped in the soles of wading boots.
2. DRAIN all water from your gear and any buckets used while fishing
3. DRY your gear thoroughly before using it again in another water. Leave gear exposed to the sun to dry for at least 7 days in the summer and longer in the cooler spring and fall months.

Recent studies suggest that felt-soled wading boots may harbor more invasive species and be more difficult to clean free of AIS than rubber soled boots. While switching to non-felt wading boots is a positive step in helping to STOP THE SPREAD, any and all waders should be cleaned and dried before use in another water.

Read more about this issue in The Science of Felt.

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