Don't Let it Loose Wyoming

The Problem with Some Pets

Pets can become an invasive species problem when owners let them loose. Releasing pets is not a good option because they can harm the ecosystem, cause problems for your neighbors, and it can be cruel to the animal.

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Exotic Pets

Some pets, such as bullfrogs, goldfish, snakehead fish, alligators, pythons, and red-eared slider turtles have been released into the wild and have caused harmful impacts to native species.

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What To Do

Never release a plant or animal into the wild. If your pet gets too much to handle or you need to get rid of your aquarium plants, always remembers to C.A.R.E. for them.

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Photo Credits: Burmese Python, Cellistka; Goldfish, Alexander Staroseltsen; Snakehead, Chungking ; Red-eared Slider, Simon_g
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