AIS Rapid Response Plans

Aquatic Invasive Species Rapid Response Plans

We need your input for implementation

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is working to keep aquatic invasive species -- like zebra and quagga mussels -- from spreading in our state and planning what to do if we find them. 

Game and Fish has developed rapid response plans for 23 waters in Wyoming to identify the steps that will be taken to contain mussels in a Wyoming water if they are detected. 

The main goal of these plans is to contain the invasive mussels in the water body where they were detected. What you will read in the plans are the efforts Game and Fish will take to stop the spread of AIS and what you will have to change when you boat where there is AIS. Sometimes, these are big changes. But, we strive to keep you enjoying these great destinations to the greatest extent possible while protecting our state’s important water resources.

The plans we need you to review

The department also is looking to get your feedback on the plans as drafts are available. Look for updates here over the coming months. 


Keep water free of AIS now

The most important thing members of the public, especially boaters and anglers, can do is to take precautions to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species. Aquatic invasive species are organisms that are not native and cause significant harm to an ecosystem when introduced. Harmful impacts can occur to municipal water supplies, recreation, agriculture, aquaculture, and other commercial activities. Find out how you can help stop the spread of AIS. With your help, the Department won't need to implement the Rapid Response Plans.

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