Aquatic Invasive Species Decal

All watercraft using Wyoming waters are required to display an Aquatic Invasive Species decal. Costs for the decal are $10 for motorized watercraft registered in Wyoming, $30 for motorized watercraft registered in other states, $5 for non-motorized watercraft owned by Wyoming residents, and $15 for non-motorized watercraft owned by non-residents. Non-motorized inflatable watercraft 10 feet or less in length, all solid and inflatable paddleboards regardless of length, and all devices defined as water sport toys are exempt from the decal requirement. Fees collected for the AIS decal will be used to fund the AIS program in Wyoming along with Game and Fish generated license sale funds. These fees will pay for outreach and education, watercraft inspections, and monitoring to prevent the spread of AIS into Wyoming.

Recreational boating can spread aquatic invasive species when species become attached to the boat or survive in water carried on boats and are moved from one water to another. Invasive mussels can survive as larvae in just a small amount of water carried in a boat, and juveniles and adults can actually attach to the outside of a boat and move to a new location. Invasive plants can attach to boats as small fragments that often get tangled in the propeller, and that one small piece can start a whole new invasive plant population at the next water that boat launches at.

Boaters, you can STOP THE SPREAD by following these three easy steps after you boat:

1. CLEAN all mud, plants and debris from your boat. The plants can be invasive and mud and plants can also harbor other Aquatic Invasive Species.

2. DRAIN all water from your boat including the motor, bilge, live well, and ballast areas.

3. DRY your boat well before using it in another water. We recommend drying it for at least 5 days in the hot summer, 18 days in the spring or fall, or 3 days in the winter when temperatures are freezing.

Thank you for purchasing your AIS decal and helping to protect Wyoming waters!

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