Landowners enrolled in Access Yes provide free hunting and/or fishing access to private property or landlocked public lands across the state. Each year, thousands of sportspersons use these lands to hunt or fish and routinely reach out to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department to express their gratitude.

Here are a few ways you can thank Access Yes landowners:


  • Most important - follow the rules and respect the landowners wishes. As a guest on their property, all the landowner really wants is that you treat the land and livestock in a respectful and polite manner.
  • Pack out your trash and any other trash that you see. This includes shotgun shell hulls and spent brass casings. If you pack it in, pack it out.
  • Stay on the roads and only travel on roads open for travel under the rules. Do not use roads that are wet or muddy.  
  • Read and adhere to all posted signs.
  • Avoid hunting near livestock or other agricultural activities (i.e. moving livestock, farming or haying).
  • After harvesting an animal, ensure the landowner receives the landowner coupon by depositing it in the coupon box provided in most areas or mailing it to the landowner or Game and Fish. It is always a nice touch to write a short note of appreciation to the landowner for the use of their property.
  • Report violations so they can be addressed. It only takes one careless person to lose an access area for everyone.

Many landowners enrolled in Access Yes have been for over a decade and some up to 20 years; now is a great time to thank them for the opportunity they provide. These areas help reduce hunter density, are necessary for meeting wildlife management goals, and most of all, provide sportspersons a place to enjoy the open landscape Wyoming is known for. Showing your appreciation to landowners can make a big difference in maintaining the exceptional hunting and fishing access we enjoy in Wyoming. 

Troy Tobiasson
Sheridan Regional Access Coordinator


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