This course and exam are not required to pursue mountain lions in Wyoming. It is intended to aid hunters, guides, outfitters, houndsmen, and all others in correctly identifying male and female mountain lions in the field. The Wyoming Game & Fish Department (WGFD) is the state agency responsible for managing wildlife and providing wildlife-related recreation. Our public outreach programs promote appreciation, understanding and stewardship of Wyoming's wildlife.


The Mountain Lion Education and Identification Course presents information about mountain lion biology, physiology and behavior. It explains the importance of determining mountain lion gender for anyone who pursues or hunts mountain lions and provides instruction for distinguishing male from female mountain lions. The course details Wyoming laws and regulations pertaining to mountain lion hunting and helps mountain lion hunters and others make informed choices, improving the hunting experience. The exam is available online as an interactive application. Enjoy!

Mountain Lion Identification

Online Mountain Lion Exam

You can use the following link to take the online exam portion of the course. It is an interactive application consisting of 19 true/false or multiple-choice questions. Instructions are found at the beginning of the exam.
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