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The first Hunter Education (HE) courses, originally called hunter safety, were designed over 50 years ago with the main purpose of reducing hunting accidents. Every state now has HE courses, with over 25 million graduates since the programs were started. A decrease in hunting accidents of well over 50% show how effective these programs have been. Hunting is statistically safer than almost all other forms of recreation.
While the major purpose of HE programs is still the prevention of hunting and firearm related accidents, more and more emphasis is being placed on improving knowledge about the heritage of hunting. The importance of the young hunter developing a sense of ethics and responsibility is stressed. Both the first time and veteran hunters are encouraged to become involved in all matters related to hunting, wildlife, and the environment. Responsible, ethical behavior by hunters and personal involvement in the local community will be essential to the future of wildlife and the continuation of hunting for future generations.
HE courses in Wyoming are sponsored by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department (WGFD), and by similar wildlife management agencies in other states. The major sources of funding for these agencies are from sales of hunting and fishing licenses and from federal excise taxes on hunting and fishing equipment. In Wyoming, there are over 350 volunteer instructors, training over 5,000 HE graduates each year. These volunteers donate their time, ability, and effort to share their knowledge and experience with HE students. Without the efforts of these volunteers the program in HE would not be affordable or possible.

Do you need Hunter education in Wyoming?

Anyone born after Jan. 1, 1966, needs to carry proof of hunter education in the field, unless accompanied by a mentor. However, Hunter Education certifications from other states are valid in Wyoming. View General Hunting Regulation.

Hunter Education Courses

There are two methods for getting certified in Hunter Education or Bowhunter Education:

 A traditional, all in-person instructor-led Hunter or Bowhunter Education course


A required 2 part, hybrid certification. Part 1 is an online at-home course. Part 2 is a 4-hour instructor-led Internet Completion Course


Traditional Firearm Hunter Education and Bowhunter Education Classes

Students complete the course in an instructor led classroom setting that includes lectures, videos and hands-on activities.

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Online Firearm Hunter Education Internet Completion and Bowhunter Education Internet Completion Courses

Students can complete a portion of the course online when it fits their schedule best, then attend a required shorter in-person class to receive their hunter education certificate.

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To obtain a copy of your hunter education card, CLICK HERE. 

Led by our Volunteer Instructors

Wyoming's Hunter Education program would not be possible without a cadre of volunteers from around the state. We are always looking for volunteers to teach Hunter Education in communities across Wyoming. 

Click here if you are interested in joining the team.

Bowhunter Education

Bowhunter education classes are taught through a partnership between the Wyoming Game and Fish Department and the Bowhunter’s of Wyoming (BOW). Volunteers with the BOW help to certify new instructors, review materials, purchase classrooms supplies, and offer bowhunter education opportunities across Wyoming.

Bowhunter Education is not required in Wyoming, but is required in several western states. You can take Bowhunter education through the traditional or online methods listed above.

If you have any questions, please contact BOW or the WGFD Hunter Education office at 307-777-4542.

Frequent Hunter Education Questions

A. There is no minimum age for taking hunter education in Wyoming, however most material is written at a 4th grade reading level.
What is the minimum age for taking Hunter education?

There is no minimum age for taking hunter education in Wyoming, however most material is written at a 4th grade reading level.

Youth Hunter Education Challenge

The challenge is a chance for youth to hone their hunting skills by shooting shotguns, .22 rifles, and archery; displaying their hunting judgment and learning wildlife identification.

Upton, June 12, 2021 - State

For more information about the Upton event, please contact Rick Rothleutner of the Upton Gun Club at (307) 281-9980 

Youth Hunter Education Challenge Brochure

Youth Hunter Education Challenge Rules (2021)

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