Learning Resources feature years of online stories, videos and activities from the Department and partner organizations for all ages to expand their knowledge and skills important to Wyoming’s outdoor resources.

Content is denoted with an age range so it is easily accessible for your lessons and self-guided learning for students.
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Wyoming Game and Fish Department Regional Offices around the state may be able to support your activities and lesson plans with materials that you can check out for hands-on learning in your classroom. In general, most offices have: wildlife hides, antlers and horns, skulls, tracks,  and more. Check with your local Game and Fish Office’s Regional Information and Education Specialist for more specifics on what may be available in your location.



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Predator Attack Team Training  Wildlife Relocation  Kaycee Deer Capture 
Kids Give A Wildlife Collar  Wildlife Underpasses on I-25  Mule Deer Research Project 
Preventing Wildlife Collisions  WY Range Mule Deer Research  Wildlife Management & Hunting 
Black Bear Cubs  Bears at the Dump  WY's Grizzly Bears 
Wildlife Underpasses in WY  Black Bear Gender Identification  Bighorn Sheep Trail Camera 
Laramie Peak WHMA Trail Cam  Trail Cam Video  NBSC: Sheepeater Indian Display 
Baggs Mule Deer Migration  NBSC: All About Bighorn Sheep Horns  NBSC: Grand Slam Display 
NBSC: Horns vs Antlers  NBSC: Wild & Wool Film  400 Miles to Cross: The I-80 Wildlife Barrier 
Wyoming Migration Initiative: Elk Migration & Trail Cams  Wild Sheep vs Mountain Goats  Game and Fish Presents - Martin Hicks 
Game and Fish Presents - Gary Fralick  Hide Out with this Deer Fawn for a Minute  Wyoming Wildlife - Trail Cam Footage Compilation 
Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep Trail Cam  Wyoming Mountain Lions - Trail Cam Footage  Wyoming Elk Migration 
Mule Deer Year Video  Hunting Safely in Grizzly Bear Country   
Test your knowledge: Bison ID  Tips: Hunting in Bear Country  Tips: Bear ID 
Color: Large Carnivores  Color: Ungulates  Activity: Deer Ear Game
Activity Sheet:
Mule Deer 
Wildlife Profiles: Ungulate 
Matching: Ungulate Profiles  Test your knowledge: Tracks  Test your knowledge: Antlers or Horns? 
NBSC: On the Mountain Activity Book  Ungulate Compendium: Elk+antlers coloring page  Ungulate Compendium: Fawn hiding coloring page 
Ungulate Compendium: Moose coloring page  NBSC: Bighorn Coloring Page  NBSC: Help the lamb find its way home 
NBSC: How to draw a bighorn  NBSC: Bighorn Mask  NBSC: Camouflage Bighorns! 
NBSC: Animal Migration Obstacle Course  NBSC: Color Crazy  NBSC: Poetry of the Bighorn 
Fruit DNA Extraction  Google Earth Deer MIgration   
Read: Bison Heritage  Magazine Read: Unique Elk  Read: Wild Times Spring '08 
Read: Oh Deer  Critter Spotlight: Canada Lynx  Read: Shed Hunting 
Read: Ungulate Headgear  Read: Wildlife Biologist Journal  Read: Moving Bighorn 
Critter Spotlight: Black Bear  Ungulate Compendium Creature Feature  Social distancing wildlife estimation graphics 

Predator Response Training  Fly Fishing Equipment Basics  WY Boating Requirements 
Using Bathymetric Maps  How To Catch More Kokanee  How To Release A Fish Properly
How To Spin Fish for Trout  How to Clean Trout  How To Fillet A Fish 
RBFF: What's in my tackle box? | Lures for Beginners  How To Measure A Fish  Ice Fishing Safety Gear 
Best Lake Trout Lures  How To Catch Lake Trout  How To Catch Burbot 
RBFF: How to Tie Bowline Knot  Catching Lake Trout  Wyoming #FIELDGOALS 
RBFF: How to Tie a Slip Knot for Fishing  Learn all about Trapping  WONDER Map 
Activity: Nature Bingo  Outdoor Classrom: Summer Sound Safari 
Tips: Keeping your fish fresh  Tips: Gear for ice fishing safety  Tips: Ice fishing fish finder 
Tips: Ice fishing safety  RBFF: How to Tie
Fishing Knots

Mudsnails  Daniel Hatchery 100th Anniversary  Night Electrofishing Survey 
Helicopter Stocking '18  Trap Nets in Fish Sampling  Shipping Fish Eggs 
Walleye Sorting  Fish Hatchery
Tillett Springs Rearing Station Tour  
Dan Speas Hatchery Tour   Daniel Fish Hatchery Tour   Fish Pumps at Speas Hatchery 
Story Hatchery Tour   Sheridan Fish Stocking  Arctic Grayling Fish Stocking  
North Platte Sauger Stocking   Tiger Trout Fish Stocking  Stocking Cutthroat & Rainbow Trout  
Fish Through the Ice  Helicopter Stocking '19  360 Helicopter Fish Stocking 
Arctic Grayling Fish Spawning   Roundtail Chubs   South Tongue River Sampling  
LAK Reservoir Sampling   A Close Call with AIS   Burbot in WY 
East Fork Wind River  Fly Fishing Equipment Basics  Using
Bathymetric Maps
How To Catch More Kokanee  How To Release A Fish Properly  How To Spin
Fish for Trout
How To Fillet A Fish - Easy Instructions  How to Clean Trout - Quick & Easy  Night Electrofishing 
Chain Lakes Wetlands  The Return: a fly fishing film  Huck Finn Pond Fish Stocking 
Matching: Fish Profiles  Color: Trout  Matching: Wildlife Profiles 
Test your knowledge: Fish ID     
Read: Hatchery Field Journal  Read: Early Stocking  Magazine Read: Historic Stocking 
Read: Trout Life Cycle Read:Kokanee Eggs  Wildlife Profiles: Fish 
Read: Cut, Bow, Cuttbow?  Read: Historic Names  Magazine Read: Hornyhead Chubs 
Read: AIS Field Journal  Read: Non-native or Invasive?  Read: History of  Carp 
Read: Preventing Invasives  Magazine Read: Just keep swimming  Tips: Keeping your fish fresh 
Tips: Gear for ice fishing safety  Tips: Ice fishing fish finder  Tips: Ice fishing safety 
Read: Wild Times Spring '12  Read: Tales from a Fish Biologist  Read: Spawning Field Journal 
RBFF: How to Tie Fishing Knots  RBFF: Fishing Gear and Tackle  RBFF: How to Fish with Lures 
Read: Helicopter Fish Stocking Field Journal  Read: Hot Weather Stresses Fish  Wildlife Profile: Golden Trout 

Field Dress a Pheasant  Field Clean a Chukar  Hunter Checkstations 
Hunter Ed Classes '18  Riverton Goose Hunt  How to tag your animal 
Wyoming Hunter Orange  Wildlife Management and Hunting  Access for Hunting and Fishing 
Preference Points  Bighorn Sheep Hunt  False Oath 
Honest Hunting Mistakes  Access Recognition Program  How To Read Drawing Odds 
Hunting In Bear Country  Weatherby: Breaking in a Rifle and Rifle Cleaning  Stone Glacier: Hunting Backpack Tips 
Ducks Unlimited: Red Dogs     
Read: Hunting Field Journal  Tips: Hunting in Bear Country 

Parmesan Crusted Lake Trout  9 Minute Grilled Burbot  Flying Prime Rib 
Baked Trout  Wild Pheasant & Rice  Burbot Stuffed Tomatoes 
Dark Chocolate Elk Chili     

Pheasant Chicks
on the Move
Dove Leg
Lek Surveys  Osprey Fishing  Osprey in Nest 
Greater Sage-Grouse Leks  Kleenburn
Harlequin Duck
Migration Study
A "Boom" for
Waterfowl Habitat
Muddy Creek
Audubon Rockies:
Ferruginous Hawk
Audubon Rockies:
Burrowing Owl 
Audubon Rockies:
Sandhill Crane
Audubon Rockies:
Greater Sage-Grouse
Great Horned Owls     
Color: Raptors  Test Your
Knowledge: Feathers
Color: Mallard 
Audubon Rockies:
Rockie's Adventures
Draper Museum Raptor Experience  Color:Turkey 
Activity Sheet:
Greater Sage-Grouse 
Color: Songbirds  Activity: Bird Song Poem 
Clay Pot Bird Bath
Ducks Unlimited: Match the Waterfowl Game  Ducks Unlimited: Find the Greenwing Game 
Ducks Unlimited: Wetlands Coloring Book  Ducks Unlimited: Activities Page  Outdoor Classroom: Hummingbird Garden
Test your knowledge: Hummingbirds     
Wildlife Profiles: Birds  Read: Wild Times Spring '05  Read:Trumpeter Swan 
Read: Wild Times Fall '10  Read: Wild Times Winter '07  Read: What the Heck is a Lek? 
Read: Wild Turkey Heritage  Critter Spotlight: Bald Eagle  Critter Spotlight: Turkey Vulture 
Critter Spotlight: Cooper's Hawk  Critter Spotlight: American Bittern  Critter Spotlight: Northern Pintail 
Critter Spotlight: Hungarian Partridge  Critter Spotlight: Blue Jay  Critter Spotlight: Canada Jay 
Critter Spotlight: Common Nighthawk  Ducks Unlimited: Waterfowl ID  Read: Turkey Talk 
Wildlife Profile: Broad-tailed Hummingbird  Wildlife Profile: Merriam's Wild Turkey  Read: The Sagebrush Sea 

Migration Corridors  Bump Sullivan WHMA  Springer WHMA 
Goshen County
Wetland Complex​
What is Medusahead?  Vegetation Mats 
Diamond Lake has Water  Sunlight WHMA  Wildlife Crossing Initiative 
Controling Cheatgrass  Flat Creek Experiment  Who Pays for Conservation? 
Play Clean Go     
Crossword: Prairies  Test your knowledge: Native or non?  Word Search: Wildlife and Habitat 
Test your knowledge: Habitat Quiz  Audubon Rockies: Explore Sagebrush Habitat  GYC: Wildlife Crossing Challenge 
GYC: Wildlife Crossings Coloring Packet  Three Rock Types in Wyoming  Knightia Coloring Worksheet 
Minerals in Your House     
Read: Habitat Improvement  Read: Stream Restoration  Read: What is Conservation? 
Read: How Can
Fire Help Habitat
Read: Hide & Seek
for Wildlife
Read: Widllife
Read: Wild Times Summer '17  Ducks Unlimited: The Prairie Experience  Wyoming State Park Geology 
Learn about trapping     

Black Footed Ferrets  Beaver Building  Black-Footed
Ferret Release
Rabbit and Hare ID  Bullfrogs in WY  Raccoon Caught
on Camera
Prairie Dog Tagging  Wolverine Study  Trail Cam
Color: Other Wildlife  Activity: Communication Station  Test your knowledge: Animal Textures 
Test your knowledge:
Find the Animal
Crossword: Young Animals  Test your knowledge: Animal Tracks 
Test your knowledge:
Winter Survival
Crossword: Wildlife   
Wildlife Profiles: Reptiles & Amphibians  Read: Freezing Frogs  Read: Wildtimes Winter '04 
Read: Tooth Aging  Magazine Read:
Black-footed ferrets
Read: Black-footed Ferret Heritage 
Tips: Wolverine ID  Read: Tooth Aging Steps  Read: Wildlife CSI 
Critter Spotlight: Midget
Faded Rattlesnakes
Critter Spotlight: Western
Painted Turtles
Critter Spotlight: American Mink 
Critter Spotlight: American Red Squirrel  Critter Spotlight: Badger  Critter Spotlight: Jackalope 
Critter Spotlight: Thirteen-lined ground squirrel  Wildlife Profile: Swift Fox   


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