Welcome to Expo@School!

This webpage is for teachers and educators. It has information for Wyoming teachers to apply for booth boxes and links for digital booth boxes that anyone can download and use.

What are booth boxes?

Free boxes that have activities, lesson plans and more meant for schools and educators. We developed them based on in person information booths that are found at Wyoming Outdoor Expo. Each booth box contains 3-5 activities. They have a suggested grade level but can be adjusted.

Explore each digital booth box below!   

  1. Gettin' SCHOOLED: Wyoming Fish Fun (3rd grade and above)
  2. Habitat is where it's at - - Explore Wyoming's habitats (3rd grade and above)
  3. Wyoming's Least Wanted: Invasive Species (3rd grade and above
  4. The Bear Necessities -- Bear biology & Safety (2nd grade and above)
  5. Back from the Brink: Black Footed Ferrets (2nd grade and above
  6. Migration sensation!  Wyoming's migrating critters (5th grade and above)
  7. CSI: Wyoming -- Wildlife Forensics (6th grade and above
  8. Wildlife in your own Backyard -- birdwatching, plant ID, tracks and more!  (3rd grade and above)

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