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Project WILD is one of the most widely-used conservation and environmental education programs among educators of students in kindergarten through high school, as well as informal education.

  • WILD activities are engaging and interdisciplinary, teaching students how to think- not what to think- about fish and wildlife conservation.
  • The curriculum includes over 260 hands-on lessons and activities.  
  • Wild activities are easy to use do not require expensive materials, are adaptable across multiple grade levels and incorporate place-based education.
  • WILD activities develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • WILD activities meet academic standards including CCSS and NGSS
  • WILD activities are an excellent opportunity to support the current STEM efforts via hands-on wildlife, habitat and stewardship activities.
  • WILD activities are the cornerstone program for advancing the North American Conservation Education Strategy
  • WILD activities are easily used in outreach efforts, school programs, summer camps, summer library programs, etc.
  • Project WILD workshops provide PTSB and STARS credit to classroom teachers and day-care providers, with additional opportunities to earn graduate credit with the University of Wyoming at two-day combined Project WILD and Project Learning Tree workshops.
  • Getting Project WILD manuals- Terrestrial k-12 Project WILD Guide, Flying WILD Guide, k-12 Aquatic Project WILD Guide, Wild about Elk Guide, Growing up WILD Early Childhood Guide-in the hand of all sorts of educators via our statewide workshops helps provide tools and activities they can use to teach their students about wildlife conservation and management and have fun at the same time!

How do I obtain project WILD curriculum guides to implement in my classroom?
  • In order to get your hands on Project WILD curriculum, you must attend a training workshop. These are offered throughout the year at a minimal cost to cover curriculum materials.
  • Further information about upcoming training workshops can typically be found here: or the Facebook Page of Wyoming Project Learning Tree
  • Please contact the Wyoming state coordinators listed here with questions or for more information about upcoming workshop opportunities:
Lucy Diggins-Wold
1425 Citadel Street
Green River, WY 82935
(307) 875-3223
Hazel Scharosch
PO Box 157
Alcova, WY 82620
(307) 234-8479


Project Learning Tree uses trees and forests as windows on the world to increase students’ understanding of the environment and actions they can take to conserve it. From its beginnings in 1976, PLT has exemplified high-quality environmental education. It is the environmental education program of the American Forest Foundation. PLT has a variety of materials that can be easily used in school and after-school programs, and by park naturalists, youth group leaders, museum interpreters, natural resource professionals, and parents. Teach kids about trees, forests, and the natural world- and help them understand and value the important role the environment plays in our lives. Make learning fun both outside and indoors! PLT has a variety of curriculum guides for grades PreK - 12. The Environmental Experiences for Early Childhood guide offers over 130 hands-on experiences to engage children ages 3-6; the PreK-8 guide contains 96 hands-on, multidisciplinary activities with an emphasis on STEM (science, technology, engineering & math); and the high school modules explore in-depth the many facets of a particular issue and serve as great resources also for environmental science, forestry, and natural resource undergraduate students.

PLT environmental education activities:
  • Take children outside to experience and investigate nature.
  • Teach core subjects- STEM, reading, writing and social studies.
  • Meet PreK-12 academic standards including Common Core and the Next Generation Science Standards.
  • Meet the requirements for Girl Scout Badges and Journeys, and other youth programs.
  • Develop critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  • Inspire youth to improve the environment- at their school, home, and in their community.
  • Introduce students to careers in natural resources.

PLT workshops provide PTSB and STARS credit to classroom teachers and day-care providers, with additional opportunities to earn graduate credit with the University of Wyoming at two-day combined Project Learning Tree and Project WILD workshops.

For information about Project Learning Tree or to schedule a workshop in your area of Wyoming, visit or the Facebook Page of Wyoming Project Learning Tree

Or contact:
Jessica Halverson
Wyoming PLT State Coordinator
PO Box 713
Sundance, WY, 82729
307-283-2954 or 605-431-5979

Upcoming Workshop Flyers:

Lander - Project WILD/Project Learning Tree/Project WET - Thu & Fri, July 22 -23 : 8am-5pm.
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