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Please be aware of changes to Chapter 3 Black Bear Hunting Seasons as they pertain to baiting for the 2017 season as listed below. This is only a summary of changes made. Please review the Black Bear Regulations for complete details.
Section 3. Definitions. (b) "Chemical attractant" means any chemical(s) used as a lure or mask rather than for consumption. (d) "GPS coordinates" means a specified geographic location defined by any universal coordinate system that will direct Department personnel to within fifty (50) yards of a registered bait site.
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Section 5. Registration, Number, Placement, Removal and Identification of Baits on Federal or State Lands. (a) (ii) (A) For the purpose of receiving preference to register a bait site, any person who fails to either place a bait at a properly registered bait site or provide GPS coordinates for that bait site during the previous calendar year shall lose all preference to register that bait site and shall be considered as a first time registrant for that site the following calendar year.
(a) (vi) (B) The Department shall review the information provided on the bait site(s) registration form. If the Department approves the bait site registration, the applicant shall be furnished a copy indicating the site has been approved. The registration form shall include the name, address, telephone number and valid Wyoming black bear hunting license number of the person desiring to register the bait; and, the name of the person registering the bait site(s) if the registration is by a representative other than a licensed outfitter. If a licensed outfitter desires to utilize the bait site(s) for outfitting black bear hunters, the outfitter’s license number shall be furnished in lieu of the valid Wyoming black bear hunting license number. The registration form shall include the legal description of the bait site location to include the range, township, section and GPS coordinates. GPS coordinates of a registered bait site shall be provided on the bait site registration form at the time of application, or within seven (7) days after placing any bait at a registered bait site. A registration form which has not been completed with all required information shall not be considered a valid registration and shall be denied by the Department. (b) Number of black bear baits and bait density. No hunter shall register or place more than two (2) baits during the calendar year. A person licensed as an outfitter in Wyoming for the current calendar year shall register or place no more than twenty (20) baits for their outfitting business use during the calendar year. Bait density shall be no more than one (1) bait per section as illustrated on U.S. Forest Service or Bureau of Land Management maps. Section 6. Areas Open and Areas Closed to Black Bear Baiting; Restrictions on Use of Processed and Unprocessed Baits. (d) Chemical attractants shall not be considered bait and may be used in all black bear hunt areas of the state. Section 8. Prohibited Bait. No person shall place any prohibited bait for the purpose of baiting black bears. Baiting for black bear with a substance other than defined as a bait in Section 3 or in a manner other than as specified in Section 5 shall be prohibited on Federal or State lands, including lands administered by the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission. Chemical attractants shall not be considered bait and shall not be prohibited.