Anyone who is hunting big and trophy game during an open firearm season is required to wear one exterior garment of fluorescent orange or fluorescent pink, and it must be visible from 360 degrees. This could include a hat, shirt, jacket, coat, vest or sweater. Fluorescent orange camouflage or fluorescent pink camouflage are also legal. Make sure you don’t cover your fluorescent hat with your hood!

There are other  hunters who are also required to wear fluorescent orange or pink: 

  • Archers and crossbow hunters hunting during an open firearm season.
  • Pheasant hunters on Wyoming Game and Fish Management areas, Glendo State Park and U.S. Bureau of Reclamation lands around Glendo Reservoir.
  • Wild bison hunters

Small game and game bird hunters are highly recommended to wear fluorescent orange or fluorescent pink, but it is not a requirement. Archers and crossbow hunters who are hunting during the special archery seasons or in a limited quota archery only type 9 season do not have to wear fluorescent orange or fluorescent pink

While wearing fluorescent orange or fluorescent pink is not required for friends or family accompanying a hunter, we highly recommended that these people wear one visible item for safety. It’s also a good idea for dogs wear fluorescent orange or fluorescent pink in the form of a visible collar, bandana or vest. 

Also if you are hiking, trail running, mountain biking or enjoying other outdoor recreation during hunting seasons, wearing fluorescent pink or fluorescent orange will make you more visible to hunters.

This requirement is in place to keep hunters safe; however, we should consider that this principle can keep us all safe while we spend time outdoors during the hunting season.

Katie Simpson
Hunter Education Coordinator


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