Funding to improve Wyoming’s streams come from many places. When it comes to project funding, we have several sources we frequently tap. First off, the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission established a trust fund in the 1980’s and much of the interest is dedicated annually to habitat work of all kinds across the state. Most years Game and Fish has about $1.2 million available from this pot. The aquatic habitat program often uses some of these funds for designing and developing stream restoration and fish passage projects.

Another important source is the Wyoming Wildlife Natural Resource Trust. This fund was established by the Wyoming Legislature in 2006 and provides money to natural resource projects statewide. Other common funders include the US Fish and Wildlife Service, Trout Unlimited, Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality, Wyoming Governor’s Big Game License Coalition, Wyoming Landscape Conservation Initiative, federal agencies and various conservation organizations and private foundations.

Game and Fish aquatic habitat biologists are supported mainly through your hunting and angling license fees and through federal excise taxes collected when you purchase hunting and fishing gear. Without that funding, we would not have the staff to protect and enhance your aquatic resources to benefit fisheries.

Funding aquatic habitat restoration and conservation is complicated business and can involve many players. We are fortunate that so many people and groups care about improving and conserving streams and are willing to help pay to get it done!


Paul Dey
Aquatic Habitat Program Manager


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