Wyoming Game & Fish Wildlife Forensics and Fish Health Laboratory
1212 S. Adams
Laramie, WY 82070

Mission Statement

To Enhance and Protect Wyoming's Fish and Wildlife Resources by providing the Department, wildlife organizations and public with timely and accurate information and essential laboratory and technological support in the areas of wildlife forensics, fish health and tooth aging. We will strive to preserve the integrity of wild and sport fisheries by maintaining or improving fish health in hatcheries and by preventing the spread of fish pathogens in our feral populations. Our forensic program will continue to provide assistance to law enforcement by analyzing evidentiary items in a timely and professional manner while continually bringing new protocols on line that will assist in the apprehension of poachers. We will work to strengthen the relationship between outdoorsman and the WG&F department.


For 50+ years the Wyoming Game and Fish Wildlife Forensic and Fish Health Laboratory in Laramie, WY has provided top-notch services to the department as well as other state and federal agencies. The main focus of the laboratory is fish health and wildlife forensics. Additional duties include aging of big game teeth using a technique called cementum annuli analysis. The laboratory is one of the few state laboratories in the country that is both a full service fish health and wildlife forensic laboratory. Both programs are recognized nationally.

What really goes on?

Fish Health: The objective of this program is to utilize annual fish health inspections to determine the disease status of fish populations and to classify fish culture facilities.

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Forensics: "Science that applies medical facts to a legal problem" or CSI:Laramie. In this case, science is used to assist law enforcement personnel with implementing laws pertaining to hunting and fishing.

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Tooth Aging: The purpose of this section of the laboratory is to aid biologists in determining age structure and population dynamics for different species of Wyoming game animals.

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