Below are links to various wildlife cameras installed across Wyoming. More cameras are added all the time, so check back for updates

Recorded Video

Black Bear Cubs

Watch this recorded video of black bear cubs playing in the early days of summer.
Recorded Video

Grizzly Bear Sow and Cubs

Grizzly bear sow and cubs feed on animal carcass
Recorded Video

Osprey Fishing

Watch this recorded video of an osprey fishing to bring back food to it's nest.
Live Video

Sinks Canyon State Park

This live camera at Sinks Canyon State Park occurs daily for a one hour viewing.
Live Video

Tiger Muskie Tank - Dan Speas Fish Hatchery

This camera is a live feed of a tiger muskie circular tank at the Dan Speas Fish Hatchery.

Dan Speas Fish Hatchery is the home of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s Tiger Muskie Program. Tiger Muskie provide unique trophy sport fishing opportunities to Wyoming anglers while also assisting in the management of many fisheries around the state. What you see here is one of the five Tiger Musky rearing tanks located in the Speas Isolation Facility. The Tiger Muskie are received as 1.5” fry and fed 24 hours a day until they reach 10”-12” before being released.

The has been around since 1985.
This hybrid is created by crossing a muskellunge (muskie) with a northern pike. Wyoming historically received tiger muskie from the states of Illinois, Iowa, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Stocking took place fairly regularly until 2006 when a moratorium was placed on the movement of fish out of the Great Lakes Region due to the risk of introducing a dangerous fish virus, Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia. A multi-state consortium was created to identify potential disease-free sources for tiger muskie. The state of Nebraska has isolated populations of both muskie and northern pike on the western side of the state. In 2011, Nebraska Game and Parks became the source providing tiger muskie to several western states.


Speas Fish Hatchery began rearing tiger muskie in 2013 in their isolation room where these fish and source water are kept separate from the rest of the facility. Speas can rear up to 30,000 tiger muskie annually.

Speas receives fry approximately 1.5” in length in late April or early May. The fish are fed 24 hours a day with a specialty diet called Otohime which is a comprised of shrimp and fish meal. Tiger muskie grow as fast as 2” per month and the survival rate from fry to stocking averages over 75%.


Tiger muskies are a sport fish that are stocked in many waters across the state creating a unique trophy fishing opportunity. These fish are used to help control undesirable populations of fish like white suckers and/or yellow perch. Fisheries managers like to use tiger muskie since they are a sterile hybrid and will not overpopulate.

To date, a total of 210,000 tiger muskie have been released into Wyoming waters since stocking efforts began. On average, 5,000 to 11,000 fish are stocking annually ranging from 6 to 10 inches. The current state record for tiger muskie is 29.37 pounds.

Stocking information as well as where you can go to catch these fish is available through the Wyoming Game and Fish Department Website.


Another part of the Department’s tiger muskie program is rearing and providing fish for other states which include: Idaho, Nevada, North Dakota and Washington. In the past, states such as: Colorado, Oklahoma, Oregon and Utah have also received fish. This is just one part of the Department’s annual out of state fish trades that distribute desired cold, cool and warm water fish species between states.

Learn More About the Dan Speas Fish Hatchery
Recorded Video

Trail Cam Video

Watch a compilation of various trail cam footage from a single trail cam used in the summer of 2019. 
Trappers Point - Wildlife Overpass
Live Images

Trappers Point - Wildlife Overpass

This camera is located west of Pinedale and monitors Trappers Point wildlife overpass. This is not a live video feed, the images update every 3 minutes. You will have to refresh your browser to see the most current image.
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