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Doe pronghorn antelope rescued after falling off cliff

August 17, 2018
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Thanks to concerned Green River resident Mike Mullins and the quick actions from Green River WGFD personnel this antelope is okay!

Green River - On Wednesday, August 8 about 4:00 pm, Green River Game and Fish Office Manager Sheila Deinhardt received a call from Mullins that he witnessed a doe pronghorn antelope fall off a cliff on Flaming Gorge Reservoir and was now stranded on the rocks across from Brinegar’s Ferry.  She had fallen off the cliff and was standing in water by a few rocks.  She was surrounded by cliffs and rocks and could not go anywhere.  Green River Game Warden Cody Schoonover, Green River Wildlife Biologist Patrick Burke and Deinhardt drove to the Gorge and launched a boat to see what they could do to help her. Schoonover operated the boat. The crew nosed her with the boat and made her swim to an area that she could get out of the water and actually make it back up on top. After many episodes of swimming and resting, the doe finally found a place to climb out. 

- WGFD -

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