Access Yes Program in southwest Wyoming

Access Yes Coordinator Andy Countryman teaches students in Kemmerer proper firearms handling.

Andy is the access coordinator in southwest Wyoming and he is also a wonderful hunter education instructor. He works with hunters and landowners from the Elk Refuge to Evanston to Tipton-basically everything west of the Continental Divide. The program used to be known as Private Lands/Public Wildlife. The hunting and fishing access program is now called Access Yes and when you donate to this program you are providing access opportunities on lands that would be otherwise inaccessible. Andy has a technician that you will run into this fall if you hunt on one of the HMAs or WIAs. Her name is Shelby Midthun.

‚ÄčClick here to find out how to access these areas and secure your permission slip

In the videos below, Wyoming Game and Fish Department Access Yes Coordinator Andy Countryman explains what you need to do to apply for permission slips to use Hunter Managment Areas enrolled in southwest Wyoming. Andy also takes you to two of the hunter managment areas in southwest Wyoming-Medicine Butte HMA and Bear River Divide HMA- and two of the walk in access areas-#2 and #4 on Bigelow Bench.

Andy and Lucy will be putting together more videos onsite at some of the access areas in SW Wyoming, so you can view the great areas available in the Access Yes program. We appreciate your patience as we figure out the magical video camera. Videography is not our forte! :)

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