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Wyoming Game and Fish Department investigates after hiker injured by a bear

September 10, 2018
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Cody - Sunday afternoon the Park County Sheriff’s Office notified the Wyoming Game and Fish Department that a man was injured by a bear while backpacking in the Beartooth Mountains near the Wyoming, Montana border.  The man received injuries during the attack and was flown by helicopter to an area hospital where he is receiving treatment.

Upon notification, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department immediately responded to the area to provide assistance to the victim and other party members and began an investigation on the attack that included interviews with the victim and members of his party.

The investigation is ongoing, and Game and Fish personnel are at the scene gathering further details today.  Based on the initial investigation, this appears to be a surprise encounter between the individual and two bears.  The man, an out-of-state recreationist, was backpacking with three other people on the Shoshone National Forest near Granite Lake.  The man was apparently hiking ahead of the group when he encountered two bears at close range.  The encounter happened too suddenly for him to deploy the bear spray he was carrying.  It is unknown what species of bear was involved in the conflict at this time, but we are hopeful the scene investigation will provide some insight on what bear species was involved.

“We wish the individual a full and speedy recovery and are appreciative of his willingness to provide detailed information about the incident,” said Cody Regional Wildlife Supervisor Dan Smith.

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