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Guzzlers installed on east rim of Devils Canyon

August 31, 2018
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Cody - Earlier this month, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department teamed up with the Bureau of Land Management to install two guzzlers on the east rim of Devils Canyon near Lovell.   The guzzlers will provide water for bighorn sheep and other wildlife by collecting rainwater or snowmelt on a thick plastic apron that is then piped to a large storage tank/drinker which can be accessed by wildlife.

Terrestrial Habitat Biologist Jerry Altermatt said the tanks were placed in remote escape terrain so that sheep will feel safe from predators while taking advantage of the new water source.  “Adding these water tanks expands the amount of habitat that sheep can effectively use, especially after ewes have had their lambs, when water demands are high,” Altermatt said. 

The tanks were flown in to remote areas using a helicopter.  The second phase of the project, which is scheduled for next summer, will install aprons uphill from the tanks to catch rainwater.   Funding for the project was provided by Wyoming Wild Sheep Foundation, Midwest Chapter of the Wild Sheep Foundation and Bowhunters of Wyoming.

A helicopter transports a guzzler to the east rim of Devils Canyon. 

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