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Game and Fish cease trapping efforts in Cody

September 14, 2018
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Cody -

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department has ceased trapping efforts for a grizzly bear observed last week in a residential area near Sulfur Creek within the city limits of Cody.

As of last Sunday, no reports of bear activity from local residents have been received and no evidence of grizzly bear activity has been observed by Game and Fish in the immediate area.  In addition, no further bear activity has been detected by the trail cameras that originally indicated the presence of the bear. 

If you observe a bear or bear activity in or near a residential area, please contact local Game and Fish personnel.  

On Wednesday, two yearling black bears were spotted along the Shoshone River corridor west of Cody below the rodeo grounds.  No other reports of the black bears have been received. 

Bear Wise Community Coordinator Dusty Lasseter said this is the time of year when bears become more active and typically use lower elevations, especially river corridors and drainages, in their search for food. 

“As bears prepare for hibernation, they enter a hyperphagia phase,  where they seek out excessive food in order to gain weight before denning,”  Lasseter said.  “This often means bears travel further and stay active longer during the day in their search for food.   With this in mind, it is important to be diligent when recreating outdoors and report any unusual bear sightings to Game and Fish.  For those living in rural areas surrounding Cody, it is also very important to keep attractants such as garbage, pet and livestock feed and birdseed stored unavailable to bears.”

Learn more about being bear aware and reducing the risk of an encounter by visiting the Game and Fish website.

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