Mountain Goat Hunting


Mountain goat hunting remains, as always, a difficult - but rewarding - hunting trip.

Mountain goats in Cody and Jackson areas require traversing extremely rugged terrain to harvest a mature mountain goat. Hunt Area 3 increased licenses this year. To minimize hunter crowding in Hunt Area 3, the Type 2 license will valid only for the month of October. Access to goats in the late season can be tricky, but the Hunt Area 3 license should provide opportunity for those willing to put in the extra effort.

Goats in the Palisades Mountain herd near Jackson are still residing in their expanding range in lands north of Wyoming Highway 22 and west of Grand Teton National Park. During the last several years, record goats have been taken in this herd unit. Hunters should expect to find goats in steep, rocky terrain with long trips of more than 10 miles from any roads.

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