The Wyoming Range Mule Deer Initiative

Thank you for your interest in the Wyoming Range mule deer herd. This is a world-class herd, and we're glad you have decided to join in the dialogue about it. On this page you will find a draft of the Wyoming Range mule deer management plan. The Plan's executive summary features the new actions the Wyoming Game and Fish Department will be implementing in this herd unit. 

This plan is the culmination of a series of public meetings held in western Wyoming in June and August of 2010, and February of 2011. This public involvement process and resulting management plan is being developed under direction of the state's Mule Deer Initiative, which is a statewide framework designed to address declining mule deer populations. During these meetings we received feedback on what people in attendance viewed as the biggest issues related to mule deer in the Wyoming Range, and what solutions could be used to address those issues. This feedback formed the basis for the draft plan. If you would like more information on the public input process, explore this page for presentations and notes from the meetings.

Thanks again for your continued interest in Wyoming's wildlife!

Wyoming Range Mule Deer Habitat Plan

Wyoming Range Mule Deer Herd
June Public Meetings and Workshop Notes
Marbleton (6/21/2010)
Afton (6/22/2010)
Kemmerer (6/23/2010)
Green River (6/24/2010)
August Public Meetings and Workshop Notes
Marbleton (8/23/2010)
Afton (8/24/2010)
Kemmerer (8/25/2010)
Green River (8/26/2010)
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