Wyoming Aquatic Invasive Species Boater Appreciation Raffle Rules

Boaters will be provided the opportunity to enter the raffle, free of charge, each time their boat is inspected at a Wyoming Game and Fish Department check station by the issuance of the inspection receipt with a unique identifier. This is the only way for an individual to become eligible for the raffle. Wyoming Game and Fish employees and Commissioners are not eligible to enter the raffle.

Registering for the Raffle
Raffle receipts will be provided to boaters after an inspection at Wyoming Game and Fish Department check stations and regional offices. Raffle receipts contain a URL that directs boaters to a raffle registration webpage on the Department’s website. Each raffle receipt has a unique identifying number/letter sequence that will allow boaters to only have one raffle entry per boat inspection. Limiting boaters to one raffle entry per boat inspection will be done at the time of the raffle drawing, by eliminating entries that are not accompanied by a unique identifier. To enter the raffle, boaters will need to complete a short survey. Information gathered from the survey will help to better serve boaters in the future. 

Selecting Raffle Winners
The last day to enter the raffle is November 30, 2018, and winners will be selected on December 3, 2018. The top four unique identifying number/letter sequences will be randomly drawn. Prizes will be awarded to these individuals according to their placement in order of Grand Prize, First Place Prize 1, First Place Prize 2, and Second Place Prize. First place prize winners will not be able to choose between the two first place prizes.  Winners must present their original raffle receipt to claim any prizes.
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