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Hunters Can Now Provide Harvest Survey Information via Email


CHEYENNE - Beginning this year, during the license purchasing process, hunters will have the option to provide the Game and Fish with their email address which will allow hunters to complete harvest surveys in a much more cost effective manner. WGFD will use the email addresses to send each license holder a message with a link to the online harvest surveys instead of the hard copy mailings.

Hunter survey coordinator Gail Sheridan said each internet response will save the Game and Fish $2.50 per mailing. “About half the people who have purchased a license this year have submitted their email Sheridan said. “We contact approximately 100,000 license holders annually, so being able to complete surveys using email will result in substantial savings.”

Each year the Game and Fish conducts Hunter Harvest Surveys to estimate harvest, hunter success and hunter effort. Biologists use this important information as one of their tools to monitor populations, set quotas and season dates.

Sheridan said that even if hunters do not hunt or harvest, their input is important because the license activity is a major factor in Game and Fish annual harvest reports (i.e., license holders reporting “did not hunt” or hunters reporting “hunted x number of days but did not harvest”).

“Learning how many days hunters are in the field helps us calculate overall hunter effort and the hunting pressure on the various species. This information is a major factor in managing Wyoming’s wildlife.”

All license holders for moose, sheep, goat, black bear, gray wolf, lion, fall turkey, spring turkey, furbearer, sandhill crane, light goose conservation order are included in the survey process. Because of the volume of antelope, deer and elk license holders, a random sampling of those groups are surveyed so not all license holders will receive a request to complete a harvest survey.

The lists of license holders without emails are run through the USPS National Change of Address (NCOA) program to cleanse the mailing addresses. This program validates the given addresses and checks updates submitted by people who have moved, and gives the Game and Fish a list of license holders with deliverable mailing addresses; allowing for more savings by not mailing to invalid addresses.

(Contact: Gail Sheridan (307) 777-4567)


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