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New State Record Shovelnose Sturgeon Caught out of Bighorn Reservoir
New State Record Shovelnose Sturgeon


CHEYENNE - Wyoming has a new state record shovelnose sturgeon thanks to the efforts of Powell angler Clint Franklin. Franklin’s sturgeon weighed 10 pounds 4.2 oz. ounces and bested the previous record by a little over two ounces.

Franklin was fishing for catfish on Bighorn Reservoir near Lovell the night of August 7 when the fish took his minnow. Having caught a number of catfish on previous trips Franklin thought he had a 10 to15 pound catfish when he was fighting the fish. When he boated the fish, Franklin’s thinking of a 10 pounder proved correct on his tackle box scale, but the fish certainly wasn’t a catfish.

Franklin said he had never caught a sturgeon before and wasn’t sure if it was a big one for the species or not. He then checked out the state fish record listing on the Game and Fish website on his phone and thought his fish had a chance at being the new state record. Official weighing of the fish the next day proved Franklin’s hunch correct.

The previous record was caught out of the Powder River in 2000 and was 40 inches long weighing in at 10 pounds 2ounces. The new state record was a bit longer measuring 44 inches with a girth of 14.5 inches.

A complete listing of Wyoming state record fish is on the Game and Fish website

(Contact: Al Langston (307) 777-4540)
(photo available on request)


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